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How to Modify the Welcome message on Siebel Home Page

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August 12, 2012


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The requirement is to modify the welcome message on the Siebel Home page. The message “Welcome Back Siebel Administrator” should also include a application name like “Welcome Back to Siebel eCommuncations, Siebel Administrator”.

Existing Message is:

welcome msg


The above requirement can be achieved by using Configuration with steps as below.

1. Login in to yoor Siebel Client application and on the Home Page, perform, Help->About View. Make a note of Salutation applet ( in my case “CS Salutation Applet (WCS Home)” ) that displays the above message.

2. In Siebel Client , navigate using Sitemap as Administration-Personalization -> Applets. Query the applet attained from Step 1.

welcome msg2

3. In the same view, there will be a “Rule Sets” applet below. Drilldown on the Rule Set created in the applet. Drilldown will take you to the “Rule Sets” view as below:

welcome msg3

4. Refer the List applet below with title as “Rules”. See which of the Rules are active to display the text in “More Info” form applet below.

5. Looking at the Include Expression Property for the Active rules, LOV type called “SALUTATION” is used.

In Siebel Tools, go to Screens->List Of values and query with Type as “SALUTATION”. Modify the LIC “BACK” as shown in the screenshot below

Press Refersh Cache.

welcome msg4

6.From the Applet menu item, click on Reload Personalization. Logout and Login to Siebel application and see the changes as below for the dedicated client:

welcome msg5

7. For web client, Stop and restart the Siebel Server for the change to take effect.

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