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Use Data Validation Manager(DVM) to update fields on Drilldown event

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September 19, 2012


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The requirement is to configure a drill down on Agreement Number in the Agreement List Applet. When user clicks the hyper link on Agreement Number the field like Sales Entity should get updated as below:
Sales Entity as INC.

Follow the below steps to implement this requirement using Data Validation Manager(DVM).
1. Launch your Siebel Client application and navigate to Sitemap -> Administration – Data Validation View.
Create a New Record in RuleSets view as shown in screenshot below:


2. In Administration – Data Validation View click on link called Validation Messages to create a hypothetical validation message.


This validation message is not popped up anywhere during this configuration. It is needed as Siebel does not allow to create rules without specifying the value for “Return Code” field.

3. Navigate back to Administration – Data Validation View -> Ruleset. Query with Name as  “Update Agreement” and click on the Hyperlink called “Update Agreement”.
Create a new record in Rules applet as shown below:


4. Click on Actions tab as shown in screenshot below and create a new record based on Business Component as below:


5. Go to the Field Value Applet below the Actions tab and create a new record as below:


6. Now Activate the ruleset by navigating back to Administration – Data Validation View -> Ruleset. Query with Name as  “Update Agreement”. Click on Activate button.
You will see that Status has changed from Inprogress to Active and Activate Button gets disabled.

7. Now create a RTE to invoke this rule sets created in DVM as below.
Go to Sitemap->Administration – Runtime Administration -> Action Sets and create a new record as below:


In the More Info Form appet below add the following parameters for the Business Service:


Business Service Name: Data Validation Manager
Business Service Method: Validate
Business Service Context: “Rule Set Name” , “Update Agreement”

8. Create the Event in RTE as below:


Reload the Run Time events from the Menu button here:



Happy Learning !!

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  • saurabh

    Can it update MVF??

  • Fernanda Pradella

    Hi.. I tried this approach and nothing happens.

    Looking at the validation history, the rule set is called by the event,
    but the action doesn’t happen:

    Event, at 01/24/17 10:58:44.934, sequence 32

    Object type: BusComp
    Object name: Internal Product – ISS Admin
    Event: SetFieldValue
    Sub-event: Version Status

    Processing action set ‘Update Orderable’ …
    processing action ‘Update’ …


    Force Active and Immediate Post Changes are Y.

    Any Idea?
    Thanks a lot!