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Update a Field in Activity when an MVF is updated in Contacts

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September 1, 2012


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Requirement is to update a field in Activity (Parent BC) when the Contact associated with the Activity is updated by the end user i.e. we need to update the Activity “Comments” with the Last Name and First Name field of the Contact as soon as the Contacts MVG is closed.

Comments should be updated with a custom messase as  “Contact: <Last Name> <First name> is updated in Contacts MVG


Follow the below steps to implement this requirement.

1. In Siebel Tools, go to the Application object and query with you Application Name and modify the Application_PreNavigate event as shown in Screenshot below:


Note: The above step is needed to confine the changes to a particular view as Contact is a big entity in a horizontal application.

2. In Siebel tools, query with Contacts MVG applet “Contact Mvg Applet” in my case.

In Control,  child object of applet, capture the MethodInvoked property of the control called “OK” button. Method invoked is “CloseApplet”.


3. Modify the Server Scripts of the above applet and paste the below lines of code in Applet_PreInvoke method:


4. Compile the Application Object and Applet involved and view the changes in the Client as shown in the screenshot below:


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