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Toggle Applet based on Field Value and Check Box

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December 16, 2012


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The requirement is to toggle the form applet in a view based on 2 fields i.e. a check box (Customer Flag) and a field (Customer Type) in the Account list applet. If the Customer Flag is set as TRUE/FALSE, form applets must be toggled according to Customer Type Field value in the list applet.
When Customer Flag is TRUE and Customer Type is VIP, form applet “Account Entry Applet – VIP” should be displayed.
When Customer Flag is FALSE and Customer Type is Prospect, form applet “Account Entry Applet – Prospect” should be displayed.
In all the other cases, “Account Entry Applet” should be displayed.
Toggle should only happen when user commits the record in the application.


Follow the below steps to implement this requirement.
1. In Siebel Tools, go to the Applet object and query “Account Entry Applet”. Create 2 copy of this applet and make the UI changes accordingly.
The new applets will be


2. In the Account BC, create a new calculated field as below:


Set the Type as “DTYPE_TEXT”.

3.Go to applet “Account Entry Applet” and create 2 new Applet Toggle child objects as shown below:


4. Compile all the objects in your local SRF and launch the client to see the applets being toggled based on field value and check box.

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