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Siebel Remote Architecture(Remote user synchronisation issues)

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March 10, 2012


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Every action in the Siebel database is considered a transaction. A copy of each transaction is stored in the master transaction log (S_DOCX_TXN_LOG). When Remote User does DB Extract for the first time, a folder gets created in Remote server’s Siebsrver/docking directory by User’s name eg-SDAVID folder if User ID is sdavid. This folder has Inbox and Outbox folders. This server contains the docking directories for remote users to transfer the files involved with the synchronization process. These files include:
1. New database templates (from the Generate New Database task)
2. Database extracts (used with the templates to initialize the local DB)
3. DX files (.dx)
4. TOC files (.toc)
5. Visibility data for the Remote clients (visdata.dbf and dobjinst.dbf)

There are three major components involved in this process:

1.Transaction Processor: It picks up the transactions stored in S_DOCK_TXN_LOG and copies them to the Remote Server directory DOCKING\TXNPROC. Once Transaction Router routes the .dx file to User’s Inbox folder it instructs Transaction Processor (TXNPROC) to clear the .DX files from DOCKING\TXNPROC folder using Clear .dx file command.

2. Transaction Router: It picks up the transactions from DOCKING\TXNPROC and determines which mobile users should receive them. It then sends these DX files to each Remote client’s outbox on the server in the docking directory based upon visibility and routing rules. After Transaction Router completes its task, it instructs Transaction Processor to purge the DX files in the DOCKING\TXNPROC directory based on the Transaction Processor’s parameter and clean .dx files iterations.

Troubleshooting Transaction Router Problems

3. Transaction Merger: It is a component on the server side which pulls the DX files from the inbox within the Docking Directory and applies the changes to the server.

Troubleshooting Transaction Merger Problems

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