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Siebel Open UI for beginners: Default Scroll Speed for Tile layout

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July 28, 2016


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After configuring your Siebel list applet to display as ‘tile’, open UI auto defaults the scroll speed to number 10 as shown in sample screen shot below.


End user may not set this scroll speed at all times so requirement is to auto default this speed to say 60.


Let’s move to very simple solution now.



There are two ways to accomplish this need.

First alternative is to modify the User Preferences business component and pre-default scroll speed to 60. Caveat with this alternative is that this configuration applies to all list applets displaying the tile layout on your application. Also, auto applies to all list applets whenever you configure tile layout in future as well.


Second alternative is to isolate this scroll speed specific to your applet only which is be covered below.

Step 1: Code your PR file, go to ShowUI(), as following.


Step 2: Save your changes to your PR file which is mapped in your manifest administration.

Step 3: Clear browser cache.

When you go to list applet configured in tile layout, your applet will be set to scroll speed of 60.



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