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Siebel high interactivity Problem

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March 13, 2012


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—  IE crashing frequently while using Siebel.

—  Empty pick applets/ Controls not displayed properly.

Solution: This happens due to Siebel high interactivity framework files getting corrupted. It has a simple fix.

Step 1 : Open Internet Explorer -> Tools -> General Tab-> Browsing History Settings :

Step 2 : Click on ‘View Objects’ :



Step 3: Locate and delete Siebel high Interactivity framework Files:

Once you delete these files. Run the Siebel instance again, It will ask if you want to install the Siebel high interactivity framework. Click yes and you’ll get a new set of Siebel high Interactivity framework Files.



1. If the problem persists and you are trying to use IE8, then try using IE7, it is fully compatible with the latest Siebel versions.

2. If you are unable to install siebel high interactivity framework, it might be because you don’t have admin rights on your system.

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