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Scriptless way to remove Associate/Dissociate relationship in MVG applet

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September 4, 2012


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The requirement was to clear the association and dissociation in a MVG applet i.e. remove “Add” and “Remove” buttons from the MVG applet. This should only be accomplished as soon as the Parent BC record is saved in the database.

It is highlighted in Red as below:

associate dissociate in mvg1

A scriptless solution to achieve the above requirement is described below:


The trick here is to make the MVG read only where ever a Parent BC record is created in the database or the newly created record is now updated in the database. Just follow the below steps to catch the trick and implement the requirement in 2 simple steps:

1. Go to your Parent BC in Tools. Locate Field object under Business Component and create a new record as below:

associate dissociate in mvg2

2. Go to your child BC i.e. on which MVG applet is based on and create a new Business Component User Property as below:associate dissociate in mvg3

Compile the two objects. You will find the result as below where Add/Remove records in a MVG applet as soon as the parent record is saved:

associate dissociate in mvg4

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  • Kaushik

    Thanks A lot Sir, This, not directly, but helped me in controlling shuttle applet behavior very well.