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Filter same LOV in different applets based on same BC

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July 24, 2012


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There are two Applets which are based on same Business Component. There is a “Type” field (picklist) with 5 list of values. In a view consisting of 2 applets, this “Type” field is in both the List applet. We need to show all the 5 LOV in one applet and out of which three LOV’s in the other applet.


You do not have to configure an additional picklist for this. Follow the steps below to achieve this requirement with minimal configuration changes.

Assuming your custom view is called “View1” where you want 3 LOV records to be listed.

1. Go to the BC-> Field and create a new calculated field as
Name: Cal_View1
Calculated: TRUE
Calculated Value: IIF(GetProfileAttr(“Me.ActiveViewName”) = “<View1>”, “Y”,””)

2. In the same BC -> Field Query to find the Field called “Type”.
Expand the Field Object and click on Pickmap child object associated with the “Type” Field.
Create a new record for the Pickmap Child Object as below:
Name: Cal_View1
Picklist Field: Description
Constraint : TRUE

3. Highlight the New Pickmap record created in step 2 with name as “Cal_View1”
Expand the Pickmap object and Select its child object called as “PickmapUpdOnlyIfNULL”
Create a new record in this child object as below:
Field = Cal_View1

4. Compile your Business Component.

5. Login to Siebel Client application and Go to Sitemap->Administration – Data – > List Of Values.
Query your TYPE column associated to the Picklist and set the Description column as Y against the LOV records which would be displayed in “View1”.
Clear Cache.

Happy Learning!!

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