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Creating Responsibilities

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February 25, 2012


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Access control : Positions and responsibilities are the ways to control the access of users over the application data and views.

-Responsibilities Control Views.      -Positions Control Data.

Let’s Start with the Responsibilities.

 How to create and manage responsibilities :

– Assigning Responsibilities control the access of users to the views according to their jobs. All the users should not be allowed to see all views for e.g. Administration-views by which you can delete data in application.

– Responsibilities and Views have many-to-many relationship between them. A view can be in many responsibilities and vice-versa.

– Siebel have some pre-made responsibilities but if you want you can create new ones, just go to Administration- Application-> Responsibilities and create a new one according to your need (or job roles for your company).

– Adding view from scratch might be a pain, so you can copy the pre-made responsibilities and add your views to create a new one.

– Clear the responsibility cache after updating a responsibility otherwise they might see old responsibility views even after assignment of new views.

– Responsibilities can also be used to restrict access to Business Processes, Business Services and tasks (This might be required if you want to restrict the invocation of a service or task to some particular users).

– Check the responsibility: To check if the views have been assigned to the responsibility you can assign the responsibility to a user login and check its Site-Map.

– On a Site – Map, A user can see only the views which have been assigned in the responsibility that he has.

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