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Prevent existing Account record to be picked as Parent record

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September 4, 2012


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The requirement is to prevent the constrcution of circular relation ship between an account making the same record its parent account.


Follow the steps below to implement this requirement:

1. Add the following code to the Account Pick Applet to populate a profile attribute with the rowid corresponding to the current account record in the active busobject.

function WebApplet_Load ()
var id = “”;
var bo = TheApplication().ActiveBusObject();
if (bo.Name() == “Account”)
var bc = bo.GetBusComp(“Account”);
id = bc.GetFieldValue(“Id”);

2. Set the search specification of the pick applet to the following to exclude the current account record from any queries executed in the pick applet:

[Id] <> GetProfileAttr(“AccountPickAppletId”)

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