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Popup List applet on a button click

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September 28, 2012


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The requirement is to show a “Opportunity List applet” popped up in a seperate window as a “Opportunity List Applet Popup” on a custom button click. Later in the Popped up applet, user should be able to create a new record via custom New Button. After creation of a new record, details should be saved in the base applet “Opportunity Form Applet”  (applet invoking the Pop up applet)


Follow the below steps to implement this requirement:
1. In Siebel Tools, create a new pop up applet called “Opportunity List Applet Popup” (copy of Opportunity List Applet) which comes as a Popup Applet at the click of a button from “Opportunity Form Applet”

2. Change the Class Property of “Opportunity List Applet Popup” to “CSSSWEFrameListPopup”  as shown below:

invoke popup1

3. Modify the Applet Web Template Child object of the Applet called  “Opportunity List Applet Popup” as below:

 invoke popup2

4. Create a custom button called “New” in “Opportunity List Applet Popup” with the properties as below.

 invoke popup3

Expose this button on the UI by modifying the Web Layout of the applet “Opportunity List Applet Popup”.

5. Edit the Server scripts events called “WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod ” as shown below:

 invoke popup4

6. Also add the the below script to Create a New Record in the Popup Applet by modifying the event “WebApplet_PreInvokeMethod” in  “Opportunity List Applet Popup”:

 invoke popup5

7. Add a custom button on “Opportunity Form Applet”, to invoke the Popup Applet , with the properties as below:
Name: Popup
Caption: Popup
Method Invoked: ShowPopup
HTML Type: MiniButton

8. Expand the Applet Control and in “Control User property” child object, create 2 new records with details as below:

 invoke popup6

9. Compile all the objects modified and invoke a Pop up applet from a custom button on the UI.

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