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Use of PickMapUpdOnlyIfNull with Copy Pick Map: Part 1

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July 16, 2012


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There’s a Customer Name and Account field in the Project business component. The requirement is that if the Account is already set and User tries to change the Customer Name field to a new value then the Account field will not be reset i.e. account remains unchanged.


The above requirement can be implemented using child object of Pickmap called as “PickMapUpdOnlyIFNull”.

Business Component Name: Project
Field: Alias
Set the Pickmap for Alias field as below:

Modify the Account Name Pickmap as below:

The trick is that if PickMapUpdOnlyIfNull is defined under a pick map with Constrain set as FALSE, then the copy pickmap will only be executed if the PickMapUpdOnlyIfNull field value is null. If the PickMapUpdOnlyIfNull field value is not null then the field defined in the pick map will not be reset i.e. it retains its last stored value.

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  • Archana

    Can u please explain what picklist we have to define on this?