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Open UI for Beginners – Create PR file for form applet

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April 23, 2016


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As a beginner, I have struggled to solve this riddle of where to start open UI after reading the pre-requisites, Jquery and CSS.

To make it easier for beginners, lets take the first step of planting a custom PR file for a form applet before adding some heavy customization to it.

The sample code I am sharing is specific to IP2013, Siebel

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Open a Notepad or any text editor of your choice. Add below code to you custom PR file.



•Always remember to give an unused unique meaningful name like for example ‘Vehicle_Form_PR_GSINGH’.
•Replace this name in step 1 with your custom name by using Ctrl – H and choosing replace all option.
•Click File – > Save As – > save it with same name, you entered in above bullet.
•For me, I saved it as ‘Vehicle_Form_PR_GSINGH.js’ and in my Siebel/custom/Demo folder.


I have created a new custom folder called ‘Demo’ in my Siebel/custom folder.

For your case, be specific with the path name so that it points to your js file for custom PR.

Step 2 : Instruct Siebel to download your custom PR file when that applet is rendered on the view.

Go to Sitemap -> Administration – Application -> Manifest Files – > add a entry to Manifest files as shown below.


Step 3: Go to Sitemap -> Administration – Application -> Manifest Administration- > add a entry as shown below.


In Files applet, tell Siebel to load your custom PR file i.e. an entry created in Manifest Files view in Step 2.

Keep Expression as Desktop and level as 1.

Step 4:  Clear your browser cache and restart your Siebel application. Go to your view where custom PR file is rendered on UI.

On view load, you will see an alert on the open ui application.


This means we solved the first riddle of telling Siebel open UI to download my custom PR js file when that applet is rendered in open UI application.



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