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Invoke Send Email F9 applet using a custom button

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September 4, 2012


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Requirement is to invoke a Send Email applet using a custom button on the applet. User should be able to send the email in a similar waty like F9 functionallity.

Follow the below configuration steps to implement the requirement.
1. In Siebel Tools, go to your applet and create a custom button as shown in screenshot below:


* “Send Communication Applet” – name of the Pop up applet used by vanilla F9 functionallity to send an email.
** “FileSendMail” – vanilla method used in F9 functionallity to send an email.

2. Modify the event called WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod in Server script of the applet as shown below:


3. Modify the web layout of this applet and expose the button in the correct applet mode.

4. Compile the applet and launch the Client to see the results as below:

* Button would appear as below:


** Click on this button and the email applet will be popped up as below:


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  • Memo

    Gurdeep thanks for the above. Do you know how to make the above default to send to contact? In normal f9 the first pop-up gives you the ability to choose contact, owner or neither. I would like to default the send email button to prepopulate the contact email – just as if i had clicked on the first popup already. I’m just looking to speed it up since agents always send to contacts only. Thank you.