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Invoke a Popup Applet on changing the Field Value

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September 18, 2012


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Requirement is to invoke a pop up applet when a field value is changed in the UI i.e. when user tries to change the Priority field in the applet called “Activity List Applet With Navigation” and tabs out of the field, then immediately a popup applet should be displayed on the UI.

Follow the below steps to implement this requirement.

1. In Siebel Tools, create your pop up applet based on class called “CSSSWEFramePopup” and Applet mode as “Edit”.
You can also reuse the vanilla applet called “Assignment Release MsgBox Popup Applet” to display the meaningful information.
2. Go to the Applet called “Activity List Applet With Navigation” and edit the browser script for the event called Applet_ChangeFieldValue Event. Add the below lines of code.


3. Compile the applets and generate browser scripts and you will see pop up applet as soon as user changes the priority and tabs out of this field.


You can also try and invoke pop up applet from the custom button press by creating a custom button and writing few lines of code in  browser script for the event called Applet_PreInvoke method as below:


PopupButton – Create a new custom control in your applet and set the MethodInvoked Property to PopupButton with HTML type as MiniButton.Expose this button on the Applet and write the below lines of code to enable this button on the UI. popup3


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  • Jerri

    You cannot CancelOperation in Applet_ChangeFieldValue, can you?