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How to troubleshoot Siebel errors using logs

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March 7, 2012


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-> The default level of logs created for Siebel errors is 1 which means it contains only error number and message which is sometimes not sufficient to find the problem.

-> To find the root of problem, we can increase the log level so that it contains enough information to troubleshoot the problem and resolve it.

Steps to increase log level of a user (Valid for remote and local users):

1. Right click on My Computer -> Properties.

2.  Click on Advanced tab -> Environment Variables.

3. Click on New in User Variables and enter Variable Name: SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS and Variable Value :< numeric log level to set, can have a value from 1 to 5 >.

For e.g. Variable Value: 4

4. Click on OK. Done.

Now you can generate the error form Siebel UI and capture the log files at D:\Siebel8\Client\LOG (Assuming Siebel is installed in D: drive)

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