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How to Mark a Mandatory field with asterisk(*) for a field in a ListApplet / FormApplet

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February 21, 2013


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The requirement is to display an asterisk ‘*’ against the control on the Form Applet or against the List column on the List applet. This will mark the field as a mandatory field on the UI.


1. Follow the below steps to show the asterisk against the control on the Form Applet.

In Siebel Tools, Query you applet “Activity Form Applet” and reach the control called as “Priority”. Make the changes in the Caption Property of the control as shown below:

mark mandatory field 1

Compile the applet and launch the client to view the asterisk sign against the Priority in the Form Applet.

Note: It is a UI change. The above configuration will not prompt the user for the required field. To get the required field pop up and * against your field name, use the Required property of the Field child object under Business Component Object

2. If you want to display Asterisk on List column for required fields, currently it is not possible to configure the Siebel Applications to display red Asterisk for required fields in list applets. Siebel does provide such configuration as per Siebel version.

However, if you want to display the Black asterisk against the field name, you can do it by modifying the Display Name of the List Column as “* Priority”.

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  • Neela

    There s another approach to display Asterisk in form Applet.Siebel has provided Icon Map named “Asterisk”.Just add this in the HTML Icon Map Property of the Control and we Can see the star Symbol in front of the Label.

    Ensure whether the vanilla file Asterisk.gif is available in the Webmaster Folder and Rub GenB to Changes to take Effect.

  • Siebel Nova Admin

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge Neela.

  • dinesh

    nice concepts keep going with updating …..

  • siddesh


    I want to disable a customized button only when I click on other button