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How to make a case insensitive search in Siebel

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February 18, 2013


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The requirement is to allow a case insensitive search on a field in Siebel Client application. When a user enter a search value such as “Kumar” in the Account name field on the UI, the returned result set should include the following account names as well
such as KUmar, KUMAR.


The solution can be implemented using below configuration steps:

1. Using Siebel tools, locate the BC, Field and the corresponding column of the field called “Account Name” on the UI.

BC: Account
Locate the Table : S_ORG_EXT

Case Insensitive Search1

2. Ensure that the Project corresponding to the object used are locked by your userid. If not there will be a problem in configuring the next step.

3. Go to Table Object and click on Column child object. Query with column name as “ALIAS_NAME”

Right click on this column and click on “Case Insensitivity” as shown in the screenshot below:

Case Insensitive Search3

4. It will open a vanilla pop window as below

Case Insensitive Search2

If the objects in Step 2 are not locked, the ‘Operation’ column in the above pop up will give an error. The steps would not continue.

5. Click on Next button, the pop up as below will be shown which would update a new index on the column called “ALIAS_NAME”. Click on the Finish to close the window.

Case Insensitive Search4

6. You can view the nex index created in the above step by navigating through Table(S_ORG_EXT) Object -> Index and query with Name as S_ORG_EXT_M4_C1_X

Case Insensitive Search5

7. Apply-Activate the column changes and compile the table in your SRF.

8. Login to Siebel application and you would see a case insensitive search is implemented on the “ALIAS_NAME” column.

1.Say if user enters KUMAR
2. Say if user enters KUMAr
3. Say if user enters KUmar
4.Say if user enters kumar
5.Say if user enters kuMAR

It will always show all the records with acocunt name as kumar

Case Insensitive Search6

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  • ven

    Hi Gurdeep,
    After apply and activate in our local should the project associated to the Table be locked while checkin to server?