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How to Configure a Picklist in a MVG applet

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September 4, 2012


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The requirement is to show a new picklist called “County” on ‘Account Address Mvg Applet’. This MVG applet is based on “CUT Address” BC.

To display the list of values (LOV) in a static picklist field called County from a multi-value group (MVG) applet, the following configurations are required:

1. In Siebel Tools, under BC object go to “CUT Address” BC and query with Field called County. Ensure that it is set up with values as shown in the screenshot below:


PickList County is configured as:
BC: PickList Generic
No Delete: TRUE
No Insert: TRUE
No Update: TRUE
Type Field: Type
Type Value: COUNTY

2. In “CUT Address” BC, query for field called “County” and configure the pickmap for County field as below:


3. In Applet object query with ‘Account Address Mvg Applet’ and ensure that County list column is set up as shown in screenshot below:


4. Modify the web Layout of the above applet ‘Account Address Mvg Applet’ to include the County Field:


5. In the BC object, query for the parent BC called as “Account” and ensure that the Multi value field called County is created as below:


 6. MVL: Business Address is vanilla based as below:


7. Define the MVFPickmap for this Multivalue Field County as below:


8. Go to the base applet from where ‘Account Address Mvg Applet’ is invoked and create a new control/ListColumn with property as below

Name: County
Caption: County
Field: County
HTML Type: Field
Runtime: TRUE

Donot try to modify the web layout of the base applet to expose the County MVF unless required.

9. Compile BC’s and applet’s involved and you would see the result as below:


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