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How to change the default error message in Siebel

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October 19, 2012


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The requirement is to throw a user friendly message in place of the default error message thrown by escript on the UI.

Say for example, if we have the error message thrown on the UI as shown in screenshot below:


We need to replace this Siebel error message with a User Friendly error message “Error Invoking the Business Service in Siebel


Follow the below steps to implement this requirement.
1. In Siebel Tools, place the try, catch and finally block as per the Siebel Bookshelf:
2. Configure the catch block in your script as below:


Just add your Siebel error code in the str.indexOf(“<error code>”) in the catch block and throw a message as per your requirement.

3. Compile the changes in your SRF and launch the Siebel Client to see the above Siebel error message replaced with a user friendly error message as below:


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