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How to analyze FDR files for component crashes

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May 12, 2012


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Whenever a component crashes, its logs are not made in the normal log folder in siebsrvr directory. Its logs are made in the form of FDR files(Flight Data Recorder files) and stored in BIN directory of siebsrvr folder. Here’s a simple step by step guide for finding and analyzing fdr files for component crash:

1. Identify the FDR file :

Go to BIN directory and sort the files by modified date column, you’ll find some fdr files at the top(if the crash happened recently otherwise you can filter files by *.fdr). The name of FDR files are in the format:

T<YYYYMMDDHHMM>_P<process id value>.fdr

For e.g. T201205011020_P5176.fdr

By date and time you can find the correct fdr file(resembles to crash date and time) and the process id(5176 in above example) is the process thread id which crashed.

2.      Decode the file :

FDR files are written in binary format, so you’ll have to convert it into normal format to analyze. To decode, a utility (present in BIN directory itself) known as sarmanalyser is used. Go to command prompt and change directory to BIN folder of siebsrvr, then use following command:

sarmanalyzer -o <output_csv_file> -x -f <fdr_file>

For example:

sarmanalyzer -o FDR1may.csv -x -f T201205011020_P5176.fdr

The resulted output file FDR1may.csv file would be made in the same directory (BIN).

3.     Analyze :

Open the output file(FDR1may.csv) and filter SubAreaDesc column by this value : **CRASHING THREAD** .

Go to the row where you find last **CRASHING THREAD** and note the value of ThreadId column(in above example it will be 5176).

Now filter the ThreadID column with the thread id you just got.

Now go to **CRASHING THREAD** row and start analyzing the sequence of actions in the last 10-15 rows from there. You’ll find the most important information in columns SubAreaDesc, UserStr1 and UserStr2. If you are unable to analyze by this info then go to Server Configuration -> Servers -> Events  and increase the log level of ‘FDR logs’ parameter to 5 and perform the crash again and then analyze. Good Luck.

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