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Force a User to change a field value when another field is updated

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November 12, 2012


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Requirement is to force the user to change the “Prioirty” of the Service Request as soon as the Service Request field called “Closed Date” is set to a non null value i.e. when the user sets the service request Closed Date to a non null value, user should not be allowed to save this date unless he changes the priority from existing value(say Low) to a new value as High.
If user tries to do an Undo record after changing the Closed date to a new value, then Closed Date should be rolled back to null value with an error message.


Follow the below steps to implement this requirement:
1. In Siebel Tools, go to the BC called “Service Request” and modify the server script event called BusComp_PreSetFieldValue as below:


CDChanged is the name of the profile attribute

2. In the same BC modify the Server Script’s- BusComp_PreWriteRecord event as shown in screenshot below:


3. Compile the BC and see the result in form of an error message as below:


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