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February 29, 2012


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EIM update is used to update data in Siebel base tables. Direct modification of data in base tables is not recommended because:

  There are many logical relationships that exist within the Siebel base tables and they are often complex, and governed by the Siebel repository metadata.

  Direct modification of Siebel base tables is not supported because there is a high risk of data integrity corruption. EIM maintains data integrity and resolves foreign key relationships during the import process.

  EIM updates get routed to mobile users with Siebel Remote local databases or Siebel replicated nodes. If you make a direct update, the changes will not get routed to mobile clients database without synchronizing.

Guidelines :

  Keep ‘LOG TRANSACTIONS’ parameter TRUE if you have mobile clients.

Keep INSERT ROWS parameter as FALSE if you don’t want your ifb file to insert any new row to base table in case your EIM table contains a row with user key which is not present in base table.

Before running the ifb file, first query into the interface table and ensure that there is no data present in your selected batch number.

For e.g. Select * from EIM_ACTIVITY where IF_ROW_BATCH_NUM = 415236

It is better to put ONLY BASE COLUMNS parameter and specify the user key + the column(s) to be modified.

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  • rees

    s_vet_act doesn’t have if_row_batch_num?kindly check.

    • Rohit

      Thanks for notifying the same Rees, It was a typo, I corrected it.