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EIM fail status : AMBIGOUS

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March 4, 2012


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When an EIM fails and the IF_ROW_STAT gives the reason as “AMBIGOUS” , then it becomes hard to find out what the real problem is with the data.

According to siebel bookshelf, AMBIGOUS means there are two rows in the base table that have the same user key but different conflict IDs.

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But this is not going to solve your problem. There can be two reasons for this error:

1. For a particular row in your EIM table(data to be imported), there are two rows in base table with same user key.

Solution : Take the user key (for the row on which IF_STAT_ROW is giving AMBIGOUS) and query on the base table. You’ll find two or more rows with same user key. Just delete the unwanted rows leaving the original one or merge the rows to get a single row and run the ifb again. It will get imported successfully this time.

2. Some part of user key is missing due to which EIM is unable to find the row in base table.

Solution :

Step 1 : Make the list of all user keys of base table.

Step 2 : Check the failed EIM batch to get the details of the row at which import/update failed.

Step 3 : Pick the parts of user key(the most obvious ones e.g. NAME of a product for S_PROD_INT) and query the base table for the row with that particular user key.

Step 4 : From the user keys list, check which part of user key is not present.

Step 5 : Fill in the user key and run the ifb again.

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