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Display a picklist field at the top of List applet (alongwith menu and query buttons)

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February 21, 2013


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The requirement is to display a picklist field called “Prioirity” on the Opportunity List applet near the buttons like New, Query.


Follow the below configuration steps to implement this requirement:
1.) In Siebel Tools, in the Applet object query for “Opportunity List Applet’. Modify the Web Layout to remove the Prioirty List column and then inactivate this list column as shown below:

 Picklist at Top 1 

2) Create a new control based on ‘Priority’ Field with HTML type as Field as shown in screenshot below:

Picklist at Top 2

3) Edit the Web layout again and drag and drop it on right side of the Query button in the Web Layout of the Applet.

4.) Compile the applet and launch the application to see the results as below:

However, there is a problem underlined as the field does not refresh on the UI when moving from one record to another in the List applet. To refresh the record as the user navigates through set so records in List applet, paste this single line of code in the Applet_ChangeRecord event of this applet.

In the Browser script add the code as below:
function Applet_ChangeRecord ()
Compile the applet again and generate the genb script.

5) The changes will be viewed as below:

Picklist at Top 3

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