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How to Disable the Pre-Defined Queries(PDQ) in a specific view

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October 28, 2012


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We need to disable a PDQ on a specific view.

The above requirement can be implemented by using an Application User property called as “PDQDisabledView” as below:
1. In Siebel Tools, query your application name in the Application object. expand the Application object and create a new User property as below:
Name                                                 Value
PDQDisbaledView                               < View Name>

2. Compile the Application object and lauch the client application to see the PDQ disabled for that view.
There is more to this subject than adding a user property.
Lets say I try and add value as a view name which is not the default view of “My Contacts”, “All Contacts” or any other under the Contacts screen say “Contact Service Agreement View” as below:


In this case, PDQ will not be disabled for this view.
Now I change the value of the user property as below:

In this case, the PDQ is disabled for all the views under this Contacts Screen. However the dropdown of the PDQ is still enabled for user i.e. this user property just does not run the PDQ when loading the view.
Henceforth, PDQDisabledView user property will disable all the PDQs under the screen if the value column of Application user property is set to the default view under the screen.

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