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Create Radio Buttons in Applet

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June 18, 2012


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Creating a radio button configuration is fairly easy in Siebel, they work just like picklists. In this example, we’ll create two radio buttons “YES” and “NO” on a new field “Premier Account”.

Step 1: Create LOV type in application through Administration Data -> LOV Explorer. Here we have made a LOV Type with name “PREMIER_ACC” with values “YES” and “NO”.

Radio button

Step 2: Create a new picklist for the LOV type “PREMIER_ACC”. Here we have named the picklist as “Premier Picklist”.

Radio button

Step 3: Choose (or create) the field you want to use to display premier account. Set the picklist as “Premier Picklist” created in step 2 and configure the pickmap for the field.

Radio button

Step 4: Query for the applet. Make a new control with field created in step 3 and HTML Type as “RadioButton”.

Step 5: Edit the web layout of applet and drag the newly created control onto the applet.

Step 6 : Compile all the new things created and launch the application. Wallah !! your radio buttons are ready….

Radio button

HTML Type is the property that can be used to make a variety of web elements like Button, link, Imagebutton, Label, TextArea and many more !!

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