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Change the Background color of ReadOnly / Disabled Controls

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December 29, 2012


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The requirement is to change the background colour of all the read only or disabled text controls in the application.

Follow the below steps to implement this requirement:
1. Go to public/enu/files directory and look for the file called as “jctrls.css” file.
Modify the properties called as “JBACKGROUND-COLOR-DISABLED” and “JBACKGROUND-COLOR-READONLY” property of the classes ‘clsJGCTextBox3D’.
Say the existing value for these properties set as shown below:

change control color1

2. The Background colour should now be changed as Dark Brown (#58532e). Modify this section to reflect the changes as shown in screenshot below:

change control color2

3. Ensure that you clear the IE browser cache of temporary files to use the most recent version of jctrls.css file before running the application. If you do not clear the Cache here, the Read-Only or disabled text controls will be not be set to the new Background Colour – Dark Brown.

4. Finally when you launch you application, you will see that the background colour of disabled or readonly text controls will appear as shown below. This does not include Picklist, ComboBox, Check Box controls.

change control color3

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