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Change Colour based on Picklist Field Values in List Applet

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September 14, 2012


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The requirement is to display different colour in the picklist values in a List applet. For example, I have a Status Field, which has values such as “Initiated“, “Critical” and “Completed“.
At login, the values should be replaced with the corresponding colours and when a user changes the value from “Initiated” to “Critical“, the colour should change as well.

1. Create a Bitmap Category and its child object Bitmaps as shown in the figure below. Ensure that the Filename as gif files should exist in Public/enu/images folder.

change colour1

2. Create a Icon Map and its child object Icons as shown in the screenshot below:

change colour2

Name property in the Icons object shows as “Critical”, “Completed” and “Initiated”. These are mapped to display the images using Bitmap Category and its corresponding Bitmap.

3. Go to the Applet Object and modify the List column called “Status” as below:
Runtime: TRUE
HTML Display Mode: DontEncodeData
HTML Type: Text Box
HTML Icon map: ICM_CUSTOM (as Created in Step 2)

4. Compile the Bitmap Category , Icon Map and Applet to the SRF and launch the client application to view the results as below:

change colour3

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