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Implement Carriage Return in Workflows

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July 17, 2012


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The requirement is to perform an update on a text field in Siebel database for a bulk of activity records. Later, this text field will be extracted from Siebel database and sent accross through real time interface to external system.


Challenge was to implement a scriptless solution. Therefore, a workflow was created with 4 simple steps as attached “WF_Record“. A brief description of significant steps is as follows:

A Custom Process Property was created of Type String as: “Expr_Val”

1. Create Expression:
Based on vanilla business service called “Workflow Utilities” to set Custom Process Property ‘Expr_Val’

2. Update Expression:
Update the value of Custom Process Property ‘Expr_Val’ in the NAME column of S_EVT_ACT table.

Set the Custom Process Property ‘Expr_Val’ to introduce carriage return by pressing the Enter key. Press the enter key after a double quote in the expression:

On simulating this workflow, we can see that this workfow did not yield effective results as a carriage return was not introduced when queried via SQL Developer on S_EVT_ACT table.

Adding “\n” and “\r” via any combination did not work as well.
The trick that helped to achieve this requirement is the use of calculated field in the workflow.

The above workflow was modified to introduce a “Query” Siebel operation step as attached “WF_Record_Modif“. It also includes a new custom process property called as “Add_Enter_Key” of type String.

Create a calculated field as below in your BC:

Set Calculated value as – type double quotes twice and separate them by pressing the Enter Key.
Compile your BC and import this modified workflow. Simulate this workflow and you will see the carriage return introduced in the table columns in Siebel database:

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