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Add a Carriage Return using InvokeServiceMethod

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July 24, 2012


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Requirement :

The requirement is to add a carriage return in the text area control between Activity Status and Activity Priority Field.

Solution :

Follow the below steps to achieve the above requirement:
1. Create a new calculated field in your business component say Action BC as below:


2. Add this calculated field in the form of Control on the Applet with HTML Type as “Text Area” and caption as “Activity State”.

3. Create a new Business Service called as “Update Activity State” as below :


3.a Go to [Business Service]->[Business Service Method]->[Business Service Method Arg] and create following arguments under ‘Update State’ method of “Update Activity State” business service.


3.b Add the following script code to this Business Service:
function Service_PreInvokeMethod (MethodName, Inputs, Outputs)
if(MethodName == “Update State”)
var Act_Prity = Inputs.GetProperty(“Act_Priority”);                                //Get the Input Parameters
var Act_Stats = Inputs.GetProperty(“Act_Status”);                                 //Get the Input Parameters
Outputs.SetProperty(“Result”, Act_Prity + “\n” + Act_Stats);              //Set the Output Property Set stored as “Result”
return (CancelOperation);
return (ContinueOperation);

4. Compile the Business Service, Business component Action and corresponding Applet.

5. Launch the client to see the result as below:


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