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Base Activity Alarm on the Due Date Field

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December 16, 2012


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The requirement is to have the Alarm functionality pop up based on Due Date field in the Activities.


Alarm functionality is triggered when the Alarm Field on the Activities is set to TRUE. As per Siebel version 8.1.1 it is not possible to set the alarm based on any other date except for the Start Date as this functionality is hard coded.

How to set the Alarm Time

Moreover, to set the time that alarms appear, Navigate to Site Map > User Preferences > Calendar and select a time from 5 to 120 minutes in Alarm Lead Time field as shown below.

activity alarm1

To explain the above further, in the Calendar tab of User Preferences view, there is an attribute called ‘Alarm Lead Time’. This attribute specifies the time that all alarms will be triggered before an appointment or reminder. For example, if the Alarm Lead Time attribute is specified to be 5 minutes, the alarm will be triggered 5 minutes before the appointment or reminder reaches the stipulated time.

Change the Alarm Pop up Message

When the alarm functionality fires, the below pop up Alarm message is shown on the UI.

activity alarm2

To add more on the above pop up message, it is not possible to modify the alarm pop display box as this functionality is also hardcoded in alarm.js file in Siebel. Also it is not possible to display the Alarm pop-up Applet once again by changing the start date for the same Activity after the Dismiss button (as shown in screenshot above) is clicked.

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