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How to Set New Query mode using Auto Query Mode Applet Property

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July 31, 2012


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The requirement is to display the view “Activity List View” (or any other view) in query mode when it is loaded in Siebel Client application.


The above requirement can be implemented using “Auto Query Mode” applet property. Follow the steps below to achieve this requirement:

1. In Siebel Tools, click on to the View Object. Expand this object and query with the view name “Activity List View”.

Go to the View Child object called as “View Web Template Item”. Click on this child Object and we can see the corresponding view mode.

There will be a existing “Base” mode associated with this View.

Right click on this existing record and click on Copy record, set the Name property of the copied record as “Query”.

Validate as shown in screenshot below:

Auto Query Mode1

2. Go to the applet called as “Activity List Applet With Navigation”. Right click on applet record -> Select Columns Displayed-> move “Auto Query Mode” property to Displayed Columns list.

Set the “Auto Query Mode” property for this applet as “New Query” as shown below:

Auto Query Mode2

3. Compile the applet and View modified in Steps 1 and 2.

When you open the Siebel client and click on Activities Screen tab the view will be loaded in Query Mode as shown in screenshot below:

Auto Query Mode3

We need to implement one more step to override the problem I am going to summarize. When this view is loaded in Query mode the first time when clicked on the Activities Screen tab, if the user mistakenly clicks on Activities Screen tab again, the Query mode disappears and Base mode is shown on the UI with list of Activity records.

The solution of this problem is to write a small browser script on the Applet_Load event of applet called as “Activity List Applet With Navigation”.
The line of code is:

function Applet_Load ()

Compile the applet “Activity List Applet With Navigation” again and reload genbscripts.

Happy Learning!!

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  • yeongyeong22

    Hi there,
    Can I know which version of Siebel you are doing this?

    • Gurdeep

      Version of Siebel is 8.1.1.


  • yeongyeong22

    Hi Gurdeep,
    It actually doesn’t work in With the script, it screen keeps reload :(

  • yeongyeong22

    We are trying to do it in Query or Edit Mode rather than Edit List

  • Michael The solution is easier than described here: 1. set the Applet property 2. add an Applet Template of type Query. That already does the trick. I haven’t been able to re-create the Base-mode Problem described in the article

  • amita

    Great explanation..thanks.. :)