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Adding Menu Items in Application Menu

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June 12, 2012


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A lot of times we get a requirement of adding a company’s website link to the Siebel application menu. So here’s a simple step by step procedure to do that:

1. Go to View -> Options -> Object Explorer and check both Command and Menu items as they are not displayed by default. Also lock the project ‘Command’.

2. Go to Command and create a new record with following properties:



Name NewLink
Project Command
Display Name Website URL
Method GoToURL
Method Argument URL=

Make another command (if you need) for secondary website of company. Specify your company’s URL in Method Argument property. You can also use the menu item for variety of purposes by changing the Method property. Compile both commands.

3. Go to Menu -> Generic Web (Generic Web is the Application menu for most of the Siebel applications). Make a new Menu item with following properties:



Name NewLink
Caption &Link
Position 9

Positions from 1 to 8 are generally occupied by the existing commands, so you can position your menu item at 9.

4. Create Submenu items at same place



Name NewLink – Address
Caption Website Address
Command NewLink
Position 9.1

Please note that we have used the command created above as a property in submenu item. In the same way create second submenu item for secondary link:



Name NewLink – Secondary Address
Caption Secondary Website Address
Command NewLink2
Position 9.2


5. Now compile the Generic Web Menu and start the client. You’ll find the menu items like this:


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