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BC User Properties: All Mode Sort

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March 4, 2012


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‘All Mode Sort’ is a BC user property which can be used to override the sort specifications applied at business component level on its views and applets. The user property affects views with visibility other than Personal or Sales Rep visibility, including Manager, All, Organization, Sub-Organization, Group, and Catalog views.

Values for ‘All Mode Sort’ :

1)   TRUE : Overrides the business component sort specifications and uses the U1 index (the standard user key). If the standard user key is defined on the primary extension table, especially for S_PARTY-based business components, the behavior reverts to Normal.

2)   FALSE : Removes all sorting

3)   Normal : Uses the business component-defined sort specifications.



If you are planning to override sorting order using ‘All Mode Sort’, first consult to your DBA regarding the performance of your database because sorting on large volumes of data can significantly affect the application’s performance. So please perform an impact analysis before using this user property. If your database size is medium to large, then avoid using this property.

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