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Actions on explicit WriteRecord using Runtime events

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December 16, 2012


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The requirement is to make the record read only, only after user saves the record explicitly i.e. whenever Activity Status is changed to “Done” it should not be read only immediately. The record should get read only, with a condition (Status as Done), after user saves the record explicitly.


Follow the below steps to implement this requirement.
1. In Siebel Tools, query the BC called “Action” and create a new calculated field as below:


2. In the Action BC, create a new BC user property as shown below:


3.  In your Action BC, go to BusComp_WriteRecord event and write the below line of code to refresh this calculated field “WR”


4. Compile the Action BC and launch Siebel Client application.

5. In your Client application, configure a profile attribute in Runtime Events Adminsitration to set the Calculated field created in Step 1 as shown below

In Sitemap, go to Administration -RunTimeEvents and create an Action sets as below

Applet no: 1


Applet No: 2


Applet No: 3


Go to the Events Tab and create the record as shown below


In this applet, click on Menu and the press, “Reload RunTime Events”.

You are done…Happy learning!!

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  • Ranjith

    Where is the profile attribute being set back to N again ? What if the view has a list applet ? Won’t the profile attribute affect the other records in the list applet ?

    • Gurdeep

      Resetting profile attributes or global variables does not affect when you have WriteRecord in place as the values will refresh automatically.


  • bikash

    While records are updated through batch, Can a Runtime Event on write record get fired….?